•    Viral stomach flu is associate enteric infection marked by watery diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, nausea or unconditioned reflex, and typically fever.
•    The commonest thanks to develop infective agent stomach flu — typically referred to as inflammatory disease — is thru contact with associate infected person or intake of contaminated food or water. If you are otherwise healthy, you will probably recover while not complications. except for infants, older adults and other people with compromised immune systems, infective agent stomach flu will be deadly.
•    There’s no effective treatment for infective agent stomach flu, therefore bar is vital. additionally to avoiding food and water which will be contaminated, thorough and frequent hand-washing is your best defense
Gastroenteritis Causes
Gastroenteritis has several causes. Viruses and bacterium area unit the foremost common.
Viruses and bacterium area unit terribly contagious and might unfold through the consumption contaminated food or water. In up to five hundredth of unconstipated  outbreaks, no specific agent is found. The infection will unfold from person to person attributable to improper handwashing following a movement or handling a grubby diaper.
Gastroenteritis caused by viruses might last one to 2 days. However, some microorganism cases will continue for a extended amount of your time.
•    Signs and symptoms

•    Type seven on the city Stool Chart indicates diarrhoea
•    Gastroenteritis usually involves each diarrhoea and unconditioned reflex, or less normally, presents with only 1 or the opposite. Abdominal cramping may additionally be gift.Signs and symptoms sometimes begin 12–72 hours once acquiring the agent.If attributable to a infective agent agent, the condition sometimes resolves among one week.[5] Some infective agent causes may additionally be related to fever, fatigue, headache, and muscle pain. If the stool is bloody, the cause is a smaller amount probably to be viral[5] and additional probably to be microorganism. Some microorganism infections is also related to severe abdominal pain and should persist for many weeks.

Gastroenteritis is usually diagnosed clinically, supported somebody’s signs and symptoms.Determining the precise cause is typically not required because it doesn’t alter management of the condition. However, stool cultures ought to be performed in those with blood within the stool, those that might need been exposed to illness, and people United Nations agency have recently traveled to the developing world. Diagnostic testing may additionally be in dire straits police investigation. As hypoglycaemia happens in roughly 100 percent of infants and young kids, mensuration humor aldohexose during this population is usually recommended. Electrolytes and urinary organ perform ought to even be checked once there’s a priority concerning severe dehydration.